Apple Watches Two new straps Introduced

Apple recently introduced Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatches at its event. Now two new cords have emerged for the smartwatch, one of which is silicone and one is knitting.

Recently, Apple had its first major event of the year. This event didn't live up to expectations. Nevertheless, the company's new smartwatch Watch Series 6 received generally positive reactions.

After the introduction of the smartwatch, two different watch cords have now emerged. Designed in one piece, these cords were made using silicone and one using knitting material. The cords look pretty stylish.

Apple uses a one-piece design on its new cords. This means that the cords form a single whole round, like classic sports wristbands. As a matter of course, the cords come in 9 different sizes so that Apple customers can choose the length they want.

For those who can't decide which size bracelet to order, Apple has also published a size guide on its website. By downloading and outputing this guide, you can determine for yourself how many number cords you need to order. 

It's also quite possible that your wrist doesn't exactly hit number one. In this case, ordering the smaller number will allow you to have a watch that sits tighter. This way the measurements can be more accurate. At the big number, your wrist will be more comfortable.

Silicone watch straps, called Solo Loops, will be produced in a total of 7 different colors. These cords, priced at $49, will be cheaper versions than the two alternatives. On the first exit, the red ones of these cords will not be released. At the bottom of the cords are channels that will prevent sweating and create airflow.

The cords, called the Braided Solo Loop, go on sale for $99 and have four different colors. The braided structure is made of recycling product yarns and silicone and has a very flexible structure. Which of these cords would you choose?

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