Change of decision to ban WeChat in the USA! Here's the verdict

One of the issues that brought up US President Donald Trump, the WeChat ban, has been a new development. We recently announced that the U.S. Department of Commerce has set a date to ban the duo of TikTok and WeChat.

As it is known, tiktok, walmart and oracle trio have agreed. WeChat, on the other hand, didn't look like it was going to survive Trump's embargo, but San Francisco District Court Judge Laurel Beeler confiscated it.

WeChat, which is about to be banned from the United States, will not be banned for now. Because according to the decision made by the relevant court, it is still legal to download and update this messaging service.

The lawsuit, filed by American citizens of Chinese descent, found that WeChat was the only way to communicate with China without an alternative. The plaintiffs said the update process should also not be banned, otherwise this application would become unusable.

A group of WeChat users, dubbed the "U.S. WeChat Users Association," called the ban on Chinese messaging software a violation of free speech. Members of this group declared that they would not be able to meet with friends and family members in China as soon as WeChat was banned.

This court's decision is not a final decision, but it is valid for now. The U.S. Commerce Department will explain its position on the decision. If US President Donald Trump appeals this decision, the process will be long and the federal court will step in.

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