New Screenshots Emerge from WhatsApp's Multi-Device Feature

WhatsApp has been working on the multi-device feature for some time now, which will be one of the most important features WhatsApp has released so far. With the feature still in development and pre-testing, you'll be able to use your WhatsApp account independently of your smartphone on a computer, tablet or other device.

According to information quoted by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp's multi-device feature is now in its final testing phase. Although there are still points to work on regarding the feature that will allow the same WhatsApp account to be used on four different devices, the feature is largely ready.

A screenshot shared about the feature shows the WhatsApp desktop app downloading saved messages from the smartphone and this process is encrypted end-to-end. After this happens, you'll still be able to use WhatsApp from the desktop app even when your smartphone is turned off or not connected to the internet.

When we look at the screenshot of the so-called 'connected devices' feature in the mobile app, we see a title like 'Use WhatsApp on other devices' and a description of "Send or get messages via your browser, computer or Facebook portal.". (Facebook portal, Facebook's smart screen for sale in the U.S. and Europe)

When you click on the 'Connect a new device' button just below this description, you will see a screen where you can select the device you want to connect your WhatsApp account to and set it up. However, screenshots of the setup screen have not yet been shared.

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