How to use apple pay on iphone 11 And iphone 11 Pro

Hello everyone If you're one of those people, Apple Pay will hold no fears for you after you've read this. If you're not one of those people, then, congratulations, and maybe there'll be a nugget or two here to help you explain it to your cautious friends

This guide is for Apple Pay on iPhone as that's the most popular way it's used. I'll follow up with separate guides for iPad and Mac usage and for Apple Pay Cash. Meanwhile, fellow Forbes contributor has written a tremendous guide to how to use Apple Pay on Apple Watch (Simple! Direct! With pictures!) and I recommend it highly.

Hold your card in front of the camera and with a process that's almost like magic, the iPhone will read your card number. It may also capture your name and the card's expiry date or you can enter these manually. You'll need to enter the card verification number (three digits from the back of the card or four on the front).

The app will check with your bank and seconds later you should be good to go.

Before we go any further, why shouldn't I just use my credit card?

You can, of course. But note that one of the flexibilities of Apple Pay is you aren't always constrained by the same maximum payment limits that a contactless Tap and Pay card is.

In the U.K., for instance, the upper limit is £30 but at some retailers this doesn't apply to Apple Pay, so you can pay for your weekly shop in certain supermarkets or a new iPhone in the Apple Store, for instance, without needing to get your credit card out and enter your PIN code.

And if you find you've left your wallet at home, then you'll be mighty glad you learned to use Apple Pay!


Apple Pay on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro , iPhone 11 pro  Max and iPhone XR

The newest iPhones use facial recognition, called Face ID. So, the process is a little different (though very similar to the way it works on Apple Watch).

Like on earlier iPhones, you don't need to wake the screen from standby, although raising the phone will wake it to the home screen.

Either way, as you're getting ready to pay, simply double-press the side button and you'll see the Wallet app launch while the iPhone looks for your face to confirm it's you. You can select which card you want to use by tapping it. Glance at the screen and once it recognizes you, an animation will show a smiling face in a circle which morphs into an iPhone and the words "Hold near reader." This is a process like the pre-arming outlined above, so it means you now have 60 seconds to hold the iPhone to the reader., 

Miss that deadline and the screen shows the words "Double-Click to Pay" on a virtual button that expertly matches where the side button sits. I'm pressing on the display right where it says Double-Click, and it's not working. You're far from the first person to do that. In fact, if you look closely, you'll see the words are sliding right and left, mimicking the movement of the side button.

That's right, as you'll have guessed by now, it's the side button that the iPhone is imploring you to double-press. It's perhaps not that obvious until it's pointed out… You've now learnt everything there is to know about Apple Pay on the iPhone. Congratulations, and happy spending.

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