How to use Google Drawings in your Classroom 2020

There are so many fabulous tools on offer within Google Drive: These include Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Forms, and Google Sheets.These tools are free and web-based. They’re used every minute of the day in classrooms, homes, and businesses around the world.One tool within Google Drive that you might not have fully explored as yet is Google Drawings.Perhaps you’ve heard of it but you’re not sure why you’d want to use it? Well, if you’re a blogger, Google Drawings can be the ideal tool to make a range of visuals to enhance your site!

There are many ways to use Google Drawings, and here are a few suggestions to get you started. 

  • Creating a timeline is a very easy way to use Drawings, and it allows your students to demonstrate their learning.
  • While plotting graphs with your students use this template, which they then share with you or classmates for reflection or grading purposes.
  • To visually demonstrate data, or explain an event, students can create infographics like this one.
  • Manipulatives-  Check out Magnet Poetry and Fractions on a Number Line.
  • Mind Mapping-  Here is a video explaining how to create one.
  • Sort and define vocab terms
  • Students can also use the scribble tool in Google Draw to;
    • sketch notes for class
    • show math work
    • practice forming letters or drawing geometric shapes

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