iOS 14.2 Public Beta is out now! How to install

There is technically no difference between Public Beta versions and Developer Beta versions. It is important to remember that these updates are in beta and you are very likely to encounter post-installation problems. Especially if you have one phone, it's a good idea not to rush to see iOS 14.

Along with iOS, iPad OS 14.2 Public Beta was also released. This will help users who are curious about the innovations that come with iPad OS 14.2 but are not developers will be able to experience these new features.

How to install iOS 14.2 Public Beta

To install the public developer version of iOS 14, you must register for the Beta Software Program by clicking here.

You must register with your Apple account by clicking the Sign Up button on the page that opens. Those who have previously registered can log in by clicking on the Sign In section.

After accepting the contract, you need to click on the iOS section and click on the "enroll your iOS device" link under Get Started.

You then need to download the Public Beta profile from the Install Profile section and install it on your device.

 After you've successfully completed the process, you'll see the Public Beta version in the Settings > General > Software Update section.

As mentioned above, there is a good chance that you will encounter errors. Please be reminded that when you want to return to iOS 14 after installing Public Beta, you'll need to restore your device through iTunes.

iOS 14.2 Public Beta features

As with the developer version, public beta has added the option to add shazam to control center. This will enable the app, which was purchased by Apple in 2017, to integrate better with iOS. Shazam, as you know, has an algorithm that can recognize the music that plays around you.

The 14.2 Public Beta version also received a major update for social distance. Accordingly, the magnifying glass application comes with the Person Detection feature, which measures the distance between two people. This will make it easier for the visually impaired to adjust the social distance.

With the new update, you'll come up with a redesigned Now Playing window feature for Control Center that lists recently played albums that you might want to listen to even when music doesn't play. In addition, 14.2 Public Beta makes it easy for multiple AirPlay 2-enabled devices to play music thanks to a redesigned interface for AirPlay.

14.2 How did you find the new features that come with Public Beta? If you've uploaded the update, you can share your experiences in the comments.

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