What will Apple Introduce on September 15th? Is the iPhone 12 on the list?

Apple will launch its classic iPhone this year -- due to coronavirus pandemics -- in September, not In October. The iPhone 12, which we will see in the near future, will come across as 4 different models. Two of these models will be iPhone 12 and 12 Max, while the other two will be iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. That's the most basic information about the new iPhone models, so let's move on to our main topic. So what we're going to see at the September 15, 2020 Apple event

Just because we can't see a new phone doesn't stop Apple from doing an event that's going to create a succinct event. Apple, which generates the App Store and subscription systems, not the vast majority of its revenue from device sales, is set to appear with the Apple Watch 6th generation, iPad Air and AirPods Studio, which has already finished its work on it.

What will Apple introduce on September 15th?

  • Apple Watch Series 6 (Finalized),
  • iPad Air (Finalized),
  • Apple One (Finalized),
  • AirTags (Not Finalized),
  • AirPods Studio over-ear Bluetooth headset (Unfinalized),
  • HomePod (Not Finalized),
  • First Mac pc with Apple processor (Unfinalized),

You're expecting an Apple event in September, and if you're following closely, you'd like to see a new iPhone. However, due to the pandemic that has rocked the world this year, the disruptions in the production of iPhone 12 have made Apple a mandatory choice. Nevertheless, it is possible to see the new iPhone models with a separate event in late October. No official announcement yet. 

We expect to see 4 different versions of iPhone 12, 12 Max, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Behind Apple's simultaneous introduction of four different models for the first time in its history lies rising smartphone prices and declining global purchasing power. That's why Apple is trying to appeal to every purchasing power without ruining its image. 

the iPhone 12 will be both the base model of the series and the flat iPhone 11 as the most affordable device will replace the older iPhone XR, positioning it as the top step of the 2020 iPhone SE. The Max version will offer a larger screen experience with the same specifications. iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will feature two different screen sizes and a more advanced camera with the specifications that give the upper segment the right. 

On the evening of September 15, we will continue to convey to you all developments at Apple's official event. Stay on track.

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