2020 iPad 10.2 Inch Colors: Which Should You Buy?

In addition to superior performance compared to its predecessors, the 2020 iPad has not changed in design, and unlike the more expensive new iPad Air 4, there are no new color options. Still, you might be wondering which of the three available color options you should buy? Let's find out which 2020 iPad color is your best bride.

Space Grey color 10.2-inch iPad

Space Gray, the most popular and low-tone color available for the iPad 8, offers a black frame around the screen, making the air space on this tablet less visible. It's also the color that best fits Apple's Magic Keyboard.

If you value a less glamorous look, this is definitely the color you're looking for.

Silver 10.2-inch iPad

The Silver iPad overlay comes with a white frame around the screen. Although the frame makes the tablet's air space more pronounced, it perfectly fits in with the iPad's Apple Pencil, available only in white.

So if you want a clearer color and plan to use Apple Pencil, the Silver iPad will look great on you. Note that this color contrasts with Apple's keyboard.

Gold 10.2-inch iPad

It offers a white frame around the screen, such as gold-plated Silver, so we should point out again that the air space will be a little more pronounced. Besides, it's the most unique and fun color you can choose for your iPad 8.

If you don't plan to use any cases and want a unique color, this may be your choice.

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