How many iPhones are used in the world?

According to analcides, there are more than 1 billion active iPhones in use today.A named analyst Neil Cybart and Above Avalon explained on their blog that one billion people now have an iPhone.According to its calculation, Apple reached the milestone of billions of iPhone users last month.

How many iPhones are used in the world? 

Thirteen years after it went on sale, the iPhone still remains the most popular and best-selling smartphone today.Although the phone has been lagging behind its competitors on the innovation and design side for many years, the iPhone's brand perception continues to be protected by Apple's successful presentations and advertisements.The increase in the number of active iPhones is good news for Apple because this means there may be more demand for Apple Services.After iPhone sales peaked in fiscal year 2015, Apple did a smart thing and decided to focus on selling services to iPhone owners.Therefore, by the end of this fiscal year, services even targeted to double the department's revenue from $25 billion to $50 billion.

Apple Services include Apple Pay, Apple Store, App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV , Apple Arcade, Apple News , Apple Care , iTunes and more.Users continue to renew their iPhones.By fiscal year 2020, the percentage of people who will get a new iPhone will be less than 20% of total iPhone sales; Apple still earns between 20 million and 30 million new iPhone users each year, according to analyst, which will be the lowest level of all time.These people become dependent on Apple's ecosystem when they buy other Apple devices, such as a pair of AirPods, an Apple Watch and an iPad.

In addition, with the launch of the highly anticipated Apple Glass in 2021-2022, Apple may continue to win over new iPhone users, as the wearable will probably need the iPhone to perform important operations.

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