How to Fix iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity

If you see a message that says “Cannot Connect Using SSL”, click No when asked to setup the account without SSL. Click Save . Click Settings for the account you just created. How to enable SSL on iPhone/iPhone5/iPad - Change Use SSL to ON. Enabling SSL for IMAP connections.

Note: depending on which device you have, and the version of the software running on it some screens may look slightly different however the settings will be the same. Please note you will need to update the incoming mail server in your mail client to ''. - Select Settings Why Safari is Showing "Not Secure" Warning in Browser

The Identity of “” cannot be verified by Mail.

  • The mail server is not valid by a trusted authority
  • logout and login again and make sure you have a good internet connection
  • Make sure that Date and time is not correct [Tip to Change Date & Time on iOS]
  • You should use the Gmail app, this is ad hawk way for you.

Cannot verify server identity iPhone Mail, Podcast App, exchange mail account, iPhone Wi-Fi. So if you are facing one this kind of message often, then don’t worry, try my mentioned troubleshooting that will get rid of your Phone server issues or offer your alternative solutions.

Guide to fix Cannot Verify Server Identity iPad or iPhone Mail App

First Thing To Do: Contact Email Service Provider

The very first step of your should be to check the outage problems with the Email Server. If the servers are not actively working, then random errors like this can arise. You can easily get the Server Status of the popular Email Clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, on the web, for others, contact the customer support team of your Email provider.

Uncheck Use SSL For iOS 14 or Later:

Open the Settings app > Mail > Accounts > choose the Email > Advanced > Disable Use SSL.

For iOS 13 or Earlier:

Go to the Settings App – tap ‘’Passwords & Accounts’’ – Now choose an account that bothering you – Your account will display on your Screen as IMAP – now select Account name and reach on another screen listing the “incoming mail server”, “Outgoing Mail Server ”, then go to the bottom “Advanced”. Choose Advanced and when you a new screen appear then scroll down to “incoming settings” and check the toggled turn “Use SSL” ON/Green.

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