iPad Air 4 Will Have 4GB of RAM Capacity

The Geekbench score of Apple's next-generation tablet, the iPad Air 4, has been revealed. Geekbench results show that the tablet, which scored 1,583 points in a single core and 4,198 in multiple cores, will also have 4GB of RAM.

Apple is one of the most discerning companies in the RAM capacity of its devices, and it's the same for the iPad Air 4. One of the known things about the hardware features of the company's new tablet is that it is the first device in many years to use the new chipset (A14 Bionic) before iPhone devices.

A new 'benchmark' result from the iPad Air 4 has helped us learn ram capacity as well as the device's processor. So, let's see what the new benchmark with the A14 Bionic processor tells us about the new iPad Air 4.

Geekbench results show that the A14 Bionic, which will be used on the iPad Air 4, will perform better than the Snapdragon 865, Snapdragon 865 Plus and Exynos 990, but there is also different information emerging. For example, the iPad Air 4 will come with 4GB of RAM. It is currently unknown whether it will be LPDDR4x or LPDDR5 standard.

The A14 Bionic also has a capacity of 4GB of RAM, which means Apple's new tablet can also be used by professionals. However, it is also said that the iPad Air 4 may be insufficient for operations such as intensive video editing. That's why the 2020 iPad Pro comes into play.

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