Should apple watch 6 take 40 mm or 44 mm?

The most colorful Apple Watch to date, Apple Watch Series 6 comes with exciting new health and fitness features, blood oxygen monitoring and the ECG app to monitor your heart rhythm. On top of that, all these wonderful features are gathered in a beautiful-looking and modern rectangular design. 

The Apple Watch Series 6 case comes in aluminum, stainless steel or titanium. What about sizing? If you're wondering the difference between apple watch series 6 40 mm and 44 mm, read on.

The Apple Watch 6, which is 40mm, has a much smaller screen compared to the 44mm. In addition to the screen size, it is also a smaller watch in general. For example, if you have a small wrist, the larger 44 mm may sound cumbersome.

Apple says the 40 mm Apple Watch Series 6 will fit on 130-200 mm wrists, so keep that in mind. In addition, the Apple Watch 6 40 mm is lighter, albeit only a few grams.

The 44 mm display has more pixels, and text appears slightly larger in some places. Fits 140-220 mm wrists from 44 mm. Generally speaking, we can say that 44 would be good for almost any adult.

However, consider trying apple watch in the Apple Store to make sure it looks and feels when you're on your wrist.

Also note that the length of most available cords is proportional to the time size. So it's hard to find a small cord for 44 mm, while a large cord for 40 mm is hard to find.

Apple Watch Series 6 40 mm and 44 mm: Price

The larger Apple Watch Series 6 44mm is of course more expensive. The standard Apple Watch Series 6 is 40 mm 3800 TL and 44 mm is 4050 TL. If you choose a 44 mm one, you can buy a stainless steel or titanium case. It's worth the difference if you care about feeling.


It all depends on your personal preference; even if you have a small wrist, you may want a large, voluminous watch. Apart from the subtle differences in size and weight mentioned above, all the premium and exciting features of apple watch series 6 on the design, case colors and cord side are common in both the 40 mm and 44 mm variences.

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