What is Ceramic Shield on iPhone 12?

With the iPhone 12, Apple has made on-screen glass much more durable than previous iPhones. But there's still an easy-to-break glass layer in the back. The biggest shortage of iPhone users after battery life complaints is the breaking of screens. 

A small drop and that smooth-looking screen is divided into countless pieces. The screens are technologically advanced, but their robustness is still unsatisfactory. But with the iPhone 12, Apple has come to an agreement with glass maker Corning to produce a new, state-of-the-art material called Ceramic Shield.

What is Ceramic Shield on iPhone 12?

What makes Ceramic Shield different from normal protective glass is the high temperature crystallization process, which increases durability by allowing nano-ceramic crystals to form in the glass.

Ceramic Shield is more durable than other smartphone windows than Apple, and ceramic shield also offers four times better drop performance than traditional screensavers than Apple.

Apple says this is the biggest jump in the iPhone's glass durability side.

While everything looks good so far, there's still a traditional glass sheet on the back of the iPhone 12 that protects the new MagSafe wireless charging coil.

If you break this glass and damage the coil, an expensive problem arises that is quite complicated to repair, as with other iPhones.

So the display may be more durable now, but there are still many easy ways to cause costly damage on the iPhone 12. Therefore, it would be wise to continue using sheath.

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