iPhone Notification Issue Still Unresolved

Since the iOS 14 update was released, some users have been saying they haven't received notifications for messages coming to their phones. Apple has still not resolved this issue.

Apple unveiled this year's most eagerly anticipated flagship phone series, the iPhone 12, at an event on October 13th. The series consisted of four different iPhone models and offered the old iPhone design to its users. Although the iPhone 12 series has more than satisfied users, it has been facing a different problem lately.

In recent months, MacRumors has mentioned a problem seen in its new iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 mini models. This issue led some users not to receive notifications from SMS or iMessages that came to their phones. Apple's error has not yet been resolved.

Some users on the internet continue to complain about this notification issue they are currently experienced in the iPhone 12 series. What really makes the problem annoying is that it doesn't always happen. Notifications of some messages come to the screen as they should, while others do not show the notification to the user.

Although the problem is usually reported by iPhone 12 users, some users who have used previous iPhone models say they have the same problem. This results in the notification issue on iPhones as not actually related to the new series, but instead to the iOS 14 operating system.

So much so that some users shared on Apple's Discussion forum that they saw this problem on iPhone 11 models a few days after iOS 14 was released. However, the company's in-between weeks have not yet corrected this problem, which has rightly bothered some users.

Talking about the problem earlier, MacRumors resorted to various methods to overcome the problem. Some users said that the forced shutdown of the Messages app after sending each message solved the problem.

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