Apple Releases 3 New Commercials With iPhone 13 Pro Camera [Video]

As most of you know, Apple has been unable to praise what the iPhone 13 Pro's camera can do and its capabilities since its inception. There are also films that have been shot by many – especially independent – directors using only iPhone cameras. 

Three new ads titled "Shot on iPhone" released by the tech giant reveal the camera's right in a very entertaining and dramatic way. Each of the ads; It focuses on a different, specific feature of the iPhone 13 Pro camera. 

In the first of the three aforementioned ads, "Detectives", two detectives sitting in a car talk about 'Cinematic mode', which allows you to shift the focus of the camera between objects during shooting. The focus shifts to him this time, with the detective in the supporting role saying he may be the real killer after the front-rower says he has the focus because he is the 'main character', while the detective next to him says he is hazy because he is in the supporting role. 

In the second commercial, "The Basement", we see a woman wandering around a dark house, a creepy voice repeatedly shouting, "Help me!" "I'm scared... The ghostly voice reassures the woman that the quality "looks extremely good" because of the poor image quality in such low light. In the latest commercial, "Pavel," we are greeted by black-and-white footage of a man sitting alone in a chair in an environment where bleak music plays in the background. Meanwhile, a woman who walks in asks her in Russian if she's ok, and then points out the camera's 3x optical zoom, saying "this slow, annoying zoom means you're falling into madness."

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