How to block ads on iPhone and iPad (2022)

Apple always boasts of the personalization opportunities that its devices offer users. But it does not provide an internal tool to block ads in apps and games on iPhone.

It also frequently changes these policies and tries to limit or block third-party apps from blocking ads across the system. But there is no need to be afraid: there are still several ways to block ads on iPhone in a great way.

Block iPhone game ads by turning off Wi-Fi and Cellular Data

Ads use a Wi-Fi or Cellular Data connection to reach the user. Without a data connection, the ad code within the app cannot work and show them on your phone. This leads to the following two different situations.

First, most apps will really stop showing ads when there is no active data network. Second, in some scenarios, you'll see a lot of free space where the ad is physically placed.

In general, this method is a quick and easy way to prevent showing ads in iPhone games. Disabling the Internet will also block notifications that will appear while playing games.

To perform these operations, follow these steps:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Cellular Data from Control Center. As an alternative way, open Settings on your iPhone and tap Wi-Fi. Turn off the passkey.
  • Now repeat the same operations for Cellular Data.

Then you need to exit the game (or app):

On iPhones with Face-ID: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then drag the app card up. The app or game will close.

On iPhones with Home button: Double-press the Home button to see all open apps and games. Then drag the game or app card up to force the app to close.

Wait a few seconds and turn the game back on. You won't see any ads because the Internet connection is disabled.

This is a quick way to turn off gaming and in-a
pp ads on devices with iOS installed. Another method is to activate Airplane Mode on your iPhone. 

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