How to zoom in on iPhone and iPad screen? 2020

This article, how to enlarge text on iPhone and iPad screen; We're going to talk about him. Trying to read small articles can cause great harm to eye health. Each post to be read must be of a certain size according to your current eye health, but unfortunately there is no standard for this on websites and mobile applications. So in cases where you're struggling, you might be hugging the glasses first thing, or you might try to enlarge the screen. However, you can provide comfort by increasing the size of the text on the iPhone and iPad screen with a few ways you can apply it.

Under normal circumstances, the process of magnifying the text on the screen can be done with finger movements, but this applies to the internet environment. So you may not have the same convenience in a mobile app. That's why when you master screen magnification/magnifying glass settings on iPhone and iPad, you can get a much more permanent and effort-free solution. However, the point we will mention here is not related to accessibility zoom under Accessibility features. By performing a permanent setting on the screen, we will make everything else more readable.

Enlarge iPhone screen

Magnifying the iPhone screen will save you from staring at the screen first. To turn on screen zoom, you need to follow a few simple steps. Then you may feel regret as to why you did not use this feature. First, open Settings. Then tap Display and Brightness. Scroll down to zoom in, and then click View.

Press Set by Zoom, and then choose to use Zoomed In. The screen will darken and the image will come back, so you should wait a while. Use your device a little bit like this and test whether the posts are large or small. If you haven't quite adjusted your ideal, you'll need to do the same again. This setting you have made will also apply to all applications, so it may prevent some applications from running. It's in your best use to have a tight check.

Turn on magnifier on iOS

The magnifying glass feature on iOS and, of course, iPadOS works differently than a typical zoom feature. As you know, magnification is performed by separating two fingers at the same time. To open the magnifying glass, go to settings and select Magnifier in Accessibility. When you open the slider opposite the magnifying glass, you'll now see the magnifying glass icon in the quick access panel.

Although the process of magnifying the text on the iPhone and iPad screen seems necessary for the elderly in the first place, eye health can be impressive for every person when smartphones are not used properly. Therefore, if you need it, make sure to adjust the font sizes without delay.

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