240W fast charger registered in China

The last time we heard in the country that iQOO is developing a 200W charger. This charger was developed to be used for the iQOO 10 Pro model. With this speed, it was possible to increase the charge of the phone from 0 to 100 percent in just 12 minutes. iQOO has been boasting about this speed for some time, while another Chinese manufacturer has registered a better one.

Although the name of the manufacturer is not clear, the rumors indicate OPPO. The company announced its 240W SuperVooc charging technology at its introduction in February. When he made the announcement, the technology was just a prototype, and it was not announced when it would be used in a smartphone. But finally, the tests may be complete. If the registered 240W charger belongs to OPPO, we can see a new announcement from the company in the near future.

While a few years ago we could not see a charging speed above 15W, nowadays even mid-range devices have reached levels such as 33W. Although these technologies can damage the battery on the one hand, the batteries have become less worn out as a result of the work of the engineers. Although we are used to seeing charging speeds such as 100W in high-end phones, the competition for speed never ends.

Regardless of which manufacturer it comes from, we do not expect a mid-range phone to handle the charging speed of 240W. This technology will enter our lives with a flagship. Therefore, it is useful to open eyes for phone announcements from Chinese companies.

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