Apple's New devices revealed! The M2 Pro and Max processor may come sooner than expected!

On the evening of June 6, Apple organized the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), or Apple Worldwide Developers Conference as it is known in our country. Here he introduced new versions of operating systems, the M2 processor and the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models that use this chip. Now, Apple has rolled up its sleeves for the M2 Pro and Max processor.

The M2 Pro and Max processor may come sooner than expected!

Mark Gurman, who previously shared some leaks about the future of the recently introduced devices, now shared the new technologies that the company will launch from the next iPhone event. These include devices that will come with the M2 Pro and Max processor.

According to Gurman's claim, Apple is preparing to introduce Mac mini models that use M2 and M2 Pro processors at the upcoming launch. It will then launch new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros using the M2 Pro. But the leaks are not so much.

Among the leaks, a new chip called M2 Extreme is seen. This will probably either replace Max or be positioned above him. However, according to another claim, this chip will only be available as an option in the new Mac Pro models.

In addition, Apple is reportedly working on a new 12-inch MacBook Air model and is preparing to launch an Apple TV with 14 GB of RAM that uses the A4 processor. It is also possible to see a new generation HomePod that uses the S8 processor and has a multi-touch screen on it.

According to data shared by many analysts, including Mark Gurman, Apple is working to launch two new iPad models with 14 and 15-inch screens next year. It is stated that there are functional prototypes at the moment, but they will not go on sale this year.

The main source of this prediction is that the iPad models will include the M3 processor, which will be introduced next year. Therefore, it is possible to say that the difference between tablets and laptops is gradually closing in terms of both size, power and functionality.

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