The best Apple Watch games

Apple's smart watch models have parceled out their category. Besides the perfect hardware and perfect software compatibility, smart watches are definitely designed for healthy living. But you can also play games on your Apple Watch. That's why we've put together a list of the best Apple Watch games you can play.


Elevate is one of the best games for the Apple Watch today. It mostly adds a fun element to the gaming experience. This app is a successful app if you want your kids to develop their logical thinking abilities or a acquired interest in productivity-oriented games.

The app is designed with the needs of the person in mind. In the beginning, you will need to specify your skill level. As you progress through the levels, the app takes notes on what works for you and what doesn't. It will then correct these shortcomings by adjusting the difficulty level of the games. Over time, these adjustments yield pretty good results.

Whether it's improving your mental performance and ability, or improving your vocabulary and math, Elevate is the best Apple Watch game. However, most of the games are time-based. Sometimes these scheduled episodes can help. Sometimes, this feature can become a hindrance. It would be better if the developers brought the option to add a timer to each game.

Download Elevate for Apple Watch

Ping Pong – Retro arcade game

Ping Pong is a great choice for casual gamers at best and those who don't like to spend too much time playing games. You will play a classic game on a modern platform.

Regardless of the platform, the game is still played the same way. It's almost addictive fast, efficient, and fun. You can play in multiple modes with more than 60 levels to maintain control. You can also play the game with your other friend. Pair iPhone with the watch and you'll both find each other over a local multiplayer connection.

Still, you have to pay to access each level. So, in this game you have to deal with micro missions.

Download Ping Pong For Apple Watch

20 in Apple Watch Games 

Who doesn't love the opportunity for cheapness? With 20 Watch Games you can have the best Apple Watch games for the price of one game We are sure that we all love these games, especially when you get your money's worth to the fullest.

But that doesn't mean you'll have a lot of leeway in terms of all the games in the pack. Most games are quite simple and preferable to kill time. For example, classics such as Jewel Blitz and Mine Sweeper are included in the package. There are other unusual games like ATM and Block Ninja. Either way, it's very enjoyable to play.

Still, the games in this pack are simple. If you are looking for something modern and complex, you should look for other options.

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