The good news of ReCaptcha that will relieve iPhone users!

The most annoying feature of the Internet in recent years may be ReCaptcha. Although it is an important security measure for companies, spending time on these tests makes us mentally tired. Tests that come up several times, are not displayed properly and are difficult, are among the situations that make us tired. Fortunately, thanks to a feature that will come with iOS 16, we will see fewer ReCaptcha tests than before.

iOS 16 was introduced at the recent WWDC 2022 event. We've also seen important announcements about Apple's other products. We have instantly shared the innovations worth reading with you and collected them on this page.

Apple must have understood that its users were tired of 'Verify you are not a robot' tests and developed a solution. This solution is made possible thanks to the reliability of the Apple ID you use on your device. If you don't perform unusual actions with the device you're using your Apple ID on and pretend to be a regular user, your account is considered trustworthy. Thanks to this reliability, Apple gives you the right to skip ReCaptcha tests on some sites.

The reason why websites constantly ask you if you are a robot is that bot traffic that damages the site is blocked. Bots that aim to crash the server by creating empty traffic on the site are filtered out because they cannot solve the ReCaptcha tests. But in the process, non-robots—ours—need to solve these simple but boring tests. Since this sometimes takes our time in important transactions, Apple's solution will make us smile from time to time.

We can already foresee that the ReCaptcha solution, which will be available with iOS 16, will be available in other next-generation operating systems. However, it is not currently possible to give a date for when this will be possible. We hope that solutions like this will come into play on both the iOS and Android sides as soon as possible.

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