iOS 16 Beta 8 update is out!

Apple has sent the eighth beta of the upcoming iOS 16 update to developers for testing purposes. The update comes a week after Apple released its seventh developer beta.

iOS 16 Beta 8 is out!

Registered developers can download the iOS 16 Beta 8 update after downloading their iOS 16 profile from the Apple Developer Center. There is currently no iPadOS 16 update as Apple has shifted iPadOS to iPadOS 16.1, which will be released after iOS 16.

What does iOS 16 Beta 8 offer?

We do not expect any major changes in iOS 13 Beta 13, an update of 223.4 MB for the iPhone 16 with the sixth beta installed. While Apple's release notes indicate that the bugs detected in the operating system have been fixed, the low size confirms that it is not a major innovation.

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