The new iPadOS 16 Beta has been released! What's new?

At the WWDC event in June, iPadOS 16 was officially announced by Apple. After many problems in the iPadOS 16 Beta versions downloaded after the introduction were reported to the company by the users, Apple started to work for the new iPadOS. The Beta version of the new version is online!

After the introduction of the problems experienced by many iPad users, the company took a short break from the Beta program, the new version of the Beta version was released. The "Weather" application, which attracted the most attention about iPadOS 16 at the launch and has been criticized by users for years, will be available with the new version.

Apple, which points to the users in October due to the problems in the new software, will offer users up to 16GB of virtual memory with the new iPadOS 16.

How to install PadOS 16 Beta?

Sharing the new Beta program to users, Apple shared its new software on its developer-only site, Here's what you need to do to download the new iPadOS 16 Beta version:

  • First, back up your device and plug it into a charger
  • Second, log in by clicking on this link
  • Then download the iPadOS 16 Beta profile
  • Once your beta profile has landed, you'll be redirected to the Settings app
  • Enter and confirm your password, if any, to download the profile in the Settings app
  • Finally press the download button and allow the device to restart when the download is complete

iPadOS 16, which was introduced last June, will be active only on the sites determined by the user, especially with the renewal it has made in the Safari application considering those who like to work with tablets, especially the passwords kept on the tablet, which it calls the Passkey. In addition, the app offers the ability to instantly share the user's browsing tabs with a teammate.

So what do you think about this? Don't forget to share your feedback with us in the comments section!

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