Apple Watch Series 8 Unveiled: Here's Its Design and Features

Apple Watch Series 8 price, features have been announced. Apple introduced the Watch Series 8 with its event on September 7. So what is expected from the new smart watches?

The 'Apple Event' event, which is held every year in September and where the new iPhone series is introduced, was held on September 7 this year. At the event, where Apple will introduce the iPhone 14 series, there will also be brand new smart watches. Apple's new smartwatches include Watch Series 8 devices.

So what is Apple's new smartwatch series Watch Series 8 and what will it offer? Let's take a closer look at the announced features of the new Apple Watch Series 8 and Watch SE.

Tim Cook's introduction described the devices as "By far the best Apple Watch to date" and announced by the company's COO. 

In terms of design, the Series E featured a design with a large, always-on display. The device, which is resistant to swimming and dust, is also protected against impacts. 

Key features of Apple Watch include activity and health tracking, sleep tracking, call control and emergency control. In addition, features such as heart rate measurement attract attention. Thanks to the new body temperature measurement system and the dual degree measurement system, more accurate evaluations can also be made. We will also be able to obtain adult information about our body temperature during the night's sleep. In addition, health information will be stored encrypted and this data cannot be shared until users enter their own passwords. The smartwatch's emergency calling feature will also work automatically in 30 countries, depending on the permissions given by your operator. 

Apple Watch Series 8, which has fall or emergency detection, will now be able to make emergency calls and alert you about your health status in the event of a collision. 

In addition, in the low-power mode found in this model, it will be possible to extend the 18-hour service life of the smartwatch to 36 hours. When you buy one of these watches, you will also have free access to the Fitness+ app for 3 months. 

Apple, which also sees its smart watches as a fashion product, has therefore added the dial interfaces of companies such as Nike and Hermes to the watch. Apple Watch Series 8 includes a wealth of sports, health and meditation apps. 

Watch Series 8 is built to create 80 percent less waste. This smartwatch, which is 20% faster than the previous generation, can also be used in family mode for children to use. Thus, it will be possible to see the health status of children and their location. Children will also be able to call their parents or make emergency calls from their smartphones. The release date of the new model will be September 16. 

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