How the iPhone 14 Pro's 'Perforated Screen' Design Will Look Revealed

The perforated screen design of the iPhone 14 Pro models, which we will say goodbye to the notch on the iPhones, has emerged. According to new information, although there are physically two holes on the screen, they will be seen as a single hole.

The new iPhone 14 series, which will be introduced next week, continues to keep some details secret. But the information we have obtained so far has shown that with the Pro models in the iPhone 14 series, we will now completely get rid of the notch. The front camera and sensors on the phones would themselves be located in the holes created on the screen.

To date, two separate holes created for cameras and sensors will stand separately from each other, while information from various sources has shown that this will not be the case. According to the information obtained by MacRumors, the holes in the screen will look like a single hole in a combined way, not separately when the phone's screen is on.

According to the information, Apple decided to combine them because the two holes of different sizes caused problems especially in terms of symmetry. The gap between the two holes will be blackened by the iOS interface when the phone's screen is turned on. Moreover, according to different sources of the 9to5Mac, this zone will be able to include some signs that will benefit users, such as the green dot that indicates the use of this hardware when the camera is actively used and the orange dot that appears with the microphone.

On top of that, the pill-shaped region formed by the combination of the two holes can be expanded with software. By expanding this zone it will be possible to see different content for various applications and the home screen.

And with the new perforated screen design, the interface of the iPhones' camera app can also look redesigned. Adjustments and options in the Camera app will no longer be located at the bottom of the phone screen, but at the top, spread around the notch.

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