Apple Watch has enabled a user to detect their pregnancy!

Apple Watch; heart rhythm monitoring, menstrual cycle monitoring, oximeter and many other health services. Smart watches can also record symptoms by following the heart rhythm thanks to the ECG application. The wearable technology product has managed to sign a first thanks to this sensitive feature. Apple Watch allowed a Reddit user to know she was pregnant by watching her heart rhythm. So how was this possible? Is pregnancy understandable thanks to Apple Watch? Let's take a look at the details of the news together.

A Reddit user who owns an Apple Watch posted a story that said her watch helped detect her pregnancy. According to the social media user's share, the Apple Watch detected a higher heart rate at a normal time.

Woman, who shared the situation on Reddit, continued the story as follows:

"I'm 34 years old, my normal resting heart rate was higher. Usually my resting heart rate is around 57 and my heart rate has risen to 72. I thought I had Covid or a cold, no, I measured my temperature and that was normal. Sometimes I read that this happened in early pregnancy and the test was instantly positive."

Woman, who took a pregnancy test on what she read, received a positive result. He shared on Reddit that this is thanks to the Apple Watch. He also said that technology is crazy and that he loves his watch.

As a result, based on Apple Watch's menstrual cycle and heart rhythm monitoring features, it may make sense to take a pregnancy test in some cases. Thanks to this, the detection of pregnancy occurs in a shorter time.

What do you readers think about this? Do you think it's enough for Apple Watch to help detect pregnancy by just watching a heart rhythm? 

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