Critical update from Apple! Battery life increased to 60 hours - Apple Watch

Smart watch technologies continue to develop and improve day by day. These products, which once did nothing but receive notifications, can now track many things from health to our sports activities. However, this development brings with it some problems with charging. Fortunately, Apple is solving this problem with the critical update it has released.

Apple Watch Ultra breaks records with battery life, offering 60 hours of battery life!

Apple introduced the new iPhone 14 series at its recent event. Although smartphones are the main star of the night, the new watch called Apple Watch Ultra has managed to attract attention with its features and price. The Ultra model, which already has an impressive hardware, has recently gained new features with watchOS 9.1

Most important of these features was undoubtedly the Low Power Mode, which allowed the Apple Watch Ultra to break its own record in battery life. First of all, it is worth noting that the watch already had 3 different power modes. 


  • Normal use
  • Outdoor Exercise in Normal Use
  • Low Power Mode

However, the company has introduced a second Low Power Mode to maximize battery life. When this feature is turned on, less GPS is used and less health measurements are made. This results in a battery life of up to 60 hours.

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