3 MB in size in iPhone update from Apple!

Apple, which has become much more frequent releases of iOS versions, is currently testing iOS 16.2. An update that is quite small in size such as 3.2 MB has arrived on iPhones with iOS 16.2 Beta, which developers and people who have installed beta profiles on their devices can access.

This update surprised users with both its size and title, as Apple calls it a quick security response, and it's not a very common occurrence. As the name suggests, the quick security response closes a identified gap / vulnerabilities and prevents malicious people.

You don't need to take any additional action to install this update. If iOS 16.2 Beta is installed on your phone, just follow the Settings > General > Software Update. Since its size is quite small, it will take a few minutes in total to download and install the update.

iOS 16.2 users who have installed the quick security response update will see that the version number (b) is added to the end when they enter the About section in the Settings section, and the same section will contain quick security response information. To summarize, the only function of this mini-update is to close a gap in the device.

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