How to Fix iPhone 'Wi-Fi Won't Connect' Issue?

iPhone smartphones with the iOS operating system developed by Apple are not very useful devices without an internet connection, like many devices we use today. Using mobile data also up to a point, so you need to connect to a wireless Wi-Fi network. Although it is an easy process, many users cannot connect to the network they want due to iPhone Wi-Fi problem.

iPhone Wi-Fi problem usually occurs in relation to the modem of the network you want to connect to, and the solution is extremely simple. But sometimes this problem can be caused by device settings. The solution to this problem is simple, but you may have to try a little harder. Don't worry though, it's not an unsolvable problem. Let's take a closer look at the methods offered by Apple for the definitive solution of the iPhone Wi-Fi problem.

Here are the methods you can apply to fix iPhone Wi-Fi problem definitively:

Method #1: Make sure the modem is turned on and near you.

Method #2: Make sure the Wi-Fi network you want to join is visible.

Method #3: Make sure you have entered the Wi-Fi password correctly

Method #4: View Wi-Fi network issues.

Method #5: Check the router connection.

Method #6: Restart your device.

Method #7: Reset iPhone network settings.

Method #8: If the iPhone Wi-Fi issue persists, contact Apple technical service and your internet service provider.

Method #1: Make sure the modem is turned on and near you:

Many users use the modem provided during installation by the internet service provider from which they receive the internet service, and let's face it, these modems do not work very well. Therefore, when you have an iPhone Wi-Fi problem, it is useful to check your modem first. 

Make sure that the modem you're having iPhone Wi-Fi problems with is turned on and connected to a public network. More importantly, you should make sure you are in the range of the modem. Because many modems lose their coverage power even when a few walls come in. Therefore, you should check if the problem persists by standing close to the modem.

Method #2: Make sure the Wi-Fi network you want to join is visible:

The modem is on and near you but maybe not visible. Most users aren't sure if the Wi-Fi network is visible or not, as it automatically joins the Wi-Fi network. Make sure that the wireless Wi-Fi network is visible through the device's Settings, Wi-Fi page. Of course, it is not enough for the Wi-Fi network to be visible. The connection is not certain until the blue click appears next to the network name. If the network name does not appear, the wireless feature of the modem may be disabled. You can try restarting the modem.  

Method #3: Make sure you have entered the Wi-Fi password correctly:

The Wi-Fi network that you previously connected to and allowed to automatically join may have somehow dropped off your list. Therefore, you may be experiencing iPhone Wi-Fi problem. What you need to do is to re-enter the Wi-Fi network password. If you're making sure you entered it correctly but are still having connection issues, restart both the modem and the device. In most cases, the causes of the existing problem will disappear. 

Method #4: View Wi-Fi network issues:

When you open the Wi-Fi page of the Settings app on your iPhone, you can not only connect to a network, but also see the problems on the network you want to connect to, which are noticed by the device. These problems are generally indicated to the user with an orange text just below the network name, no special imaging is required. If you see such a problem text under the network name, you can follow a solution method accordingly.

Method #5: Check the router connection:

Since modems issued by Internet service providers do not work very well, many users are expanding the coverage by purchasing an additional router. You may be experiencing an iPhone Wi-Fi issue due to a router-related issue that extends the network it receives wirelessly or wired from the main modem. You can solve the problem by checking the router's connection cable, power supply, or wireless connection to the main modem. 

Method #6: Restart your device:

You can also use reboot, which is a solution method that will never get old even though years have passed, when you have iPhone Wi-Fi problem. Turn off both your iPhone device and the modem. Let them be closed for a few minutes. Then turn on both and try to reconnect to the wireless Wi-Fi network that's causing the problem. Since the minor problems that exist during the reboot are solved by the system, if such a situation is also caused by the iPhone Wi-Fi problem, it will be solved. 

Method #7: Reset iPhone network settings:

Step #1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Open the General page.

Step #3: Tap on the Transfer or Reset option.

Step #4: Proceed with the Reset option.

Step #5: Tap on the Reset Network Settings option.

Step #6: Try to reconnect to the network. 

Step #7: Done.

If you're having an iPhone Wi-Fi issue, maybe it's not the network you want to connect to, but your device's network settings. Just follow the steps above to reset iPhone network settings. Resetting iPhone network settings means resetting the Wi-Fi networks you've used before, saved passcodes you've connected to that network, cellular data settings, VPN settings, and APN settings. If you do not want to lose this information, it is useful to save the network settings somewhere before resetting. 

Method #8: If the iPhone Wi-Fi issue persists, contact Apple technical service and your internet service provider:

If the iPhone Wi-Fi problem persists despite following all the methods we described above, try connecting to the same network with other devices first. If different devices are also unable to connect to the wireless Wi-Fi network in question, you need to contact your internet service provider.

If different devices connect to the wireless network you're having iPhone Wi-Fi issues with without any issues, try connecting to different wireless networks with your iPhone. If you're connected to different networks, try the methods above again. However, if it doesn't connect to different networks, there's a problem with your device. Go to your nearest Apple technical service and explain the situation. 

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