Apple has taken action ahead of expected for iPhone 15 processors!

TSMC, which produces Apple's processors, starts the production of A15 processors with 3nm technology, which will take its place in the iPhone 17 Pro models, very soon. According to the information, TSMC is starting the production of chips with 3 nm technology with the event to be held on Thursday, December 29.

The new 3 nm technology chips, which are expected to be included in the US technology giant's iPhone 15 Pro models, can also take their place in the M2 Pro and M2 Max processors to be introduced this year. Thus, we can see processors with 3 nm technology in MacBooks before iPhone models.

According to TSMC, 3 nm technology will offer up to 15 percent speed increase at the same power and up to 30 percent more efficiency at the same speed compared to 5 nm technology. Apple's A15, M1 and M2 processors are all currently undergoing TSMC's 5 nm manufacturing process. The A16 Bionic processor uses the 4 nm process, an improved version of TSMC's 5 nm technology.

The new architecture is expected to host much higher speed, efficiency and features along with a 3 nm manufacturing process. In this sense, the A17 with 3 nm technology will probably perform significantly better than the A16.

It is among the news that the 'ray tracing' feature, which will carry the quality to much higher levels in terms of graphics in the new processor, will be offered. Apple's new A17 processor is thought to be the biggest strength of the iPhone 15 Pro model. On the other hand, just like the iPhone 14 models, the A16 processor can work in the standard iPhone 15 versions.

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