Apple has undone the feature that came with the new iOS update!

Apple released the iOS update for iPhone users last week. With the iOS 16.2 update came the architecture upgrade for Apple Music Sing, Freeform apps and HomeKit, and more. But the tech giant removed one of these innovations because of the problem that arose. So, which change is it? Let's take a look at the details of the news together.

Removed the architecture upgrade that came with the iOS 16.2 update. Apple announced that it was bringing an upgrade for the basic architecture in the HomeKit application with its new version. But iPhone users who want to upgrade to the new architecture noted that they stuck while upgrading and the app didn't respond.

Later, some of the iPhone users stated that the problem solved itself, while others explained that the application closed or asked for reinstallation. A week after the update, Apple quietly removed the iOS 16.2 architecture upgrade option from iPhone devices without explanation on the matter. So now iPhone users can no longer see the upgrade option after entering the HomeKit app.

There is currently no information about why this problem occurs. Apple is expected to make a statement on the subject. On the other hand, this problem continues to occur in the iOS 16.3 beta version. With a new update that the technology giant Apple will offer in the future, the error in the upgrade option is likely to be corrected and the innovation is likely to come back. You also need a connector like Apple TV's 4th generation or later options or HomePod to use the advanced features included in HomeKit.

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