Apple releases update for older iPhone Models

Apple has offered an update to old iPhone owners that makes many iPhone and iPad owners, especially iPhone 5s and 6s, smile.

With the iOS 16.3 update, which has been in beta for about 1 month and was released today, it provides users with new security features and significantly improves the performance of phones. However, this update was released only for the iPhone 8 and higher models.

However, the Cupertino-based technology giant has released a security update for iPhone users, who have been hired for the update this time. Moreover, this update even covers the iPhone 5s model.

Apple has released 2 separate updates for older iPhone users today. The first update came for devices that did not receive iOS 16 but received the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 update, while the second update came for devices that did not receive iOS 13 but received iOS 12.

iOS 15.7.3 and iPadOS 15.7.3 updates fix kernel and Kernel Panic issues on all devices and focus on fixing bugs in the email, map and screen time apps, while iOS 12.5.7 updates fix vulnerabilities in the WebKit system that Safari can use to render websites.

Devices that will receive the iOS 12.7.5 update

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPod Touch 6th Generation
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Air

Devices that will receive the iOS 15.7.

  • iPhone 6s (all models)
  • iPhone 7 (all models)
  • iPhone SE 1st Gen
  • iPod Touch 7th Generation

Devices that will receive iPadOS 15.7.

  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini 4th Generation,

How to install iOS 15.7.3, iPadOS 15.7.3 and iOS 12.7.5 update?

Step #1: Charge the iPhone or iPad or make sure you have sufficient charge (at least 50 percent).

Step #2: Connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Step #3: Open the Settings page from the iPhone menu.

Step #4: Open the General page.

Step #5: Open the Software Update section.

Step #6: Tap the Download and Install button. (Enter your password if prompted)

Step #7: Once the download is complete, tap the Install button.

Step #8: The device will reboot during the update.

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