Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Avatar AI Apps for iOS

Recently, creating a profile photo with artificial intelligence has become a big trend on social media. We've also rounded up the best AI avatar applications for you to use for free and for a fee. These applications generally work with similar logic. You can upload a few photos of yourself with your face open to the app or write down what you want to do. This way you can get a picture from picture or picture from text. You can then use these avatars you create as profile photos on your social media accounts.


1.Wonder - AI Art Generator 


Wonder is one of the best AI-powered photo creation apps. Write in the app how you want to create an avatar and it will create amazing art for you. Upload your photo and write "Hercules" for example and it will make your photo like a bust of Hercules. The things you make with Wonder are as wide as your imagination.

Download Wonder AI  | iOS

2.GoArt - AI Art Generator


GoArt is a photo creation app with advanced artificial intelligence that lets you create digital artwork. Tell the app what you want to do with text, and it uses its AI to quickly turn photos into artwork as if they were hand-drawn by masters like Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso. The app has tons of art styles to choose from, including cyberpunk, anime, surrealism, oil painting, concept art illustration, etc.

Download Go art Generator AI  | iOS

3.iDawn AI - Avatar Generator


The first application we will recommend to create an avatar with artificial intelligence is Dawn AI. With this app, you can create images from text or visuals from visuals. Upload a few photos of yourself with your face clearly visible in the app, and expect the advanced AI to create many different portrait photos. The app has many different photo effects like Disney, Anime, Kodak movie, etc.

Download iDawn AI Avatar Generator iOS

4.AI Avatar maker


AI Avatar maker is an application that we will recommend to users who want to make profile photos more like cartoons. With AI Avatar Maker, you can quickly create your avatar photo like a cartoon and share them directly on your social media accounts such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Sanpchat, etc.

Download AI Avatar maker iOS

5.Voi - AI Avatar App by Wonder


Voi is a successful artificial intelligence profile photo creation app developed by Wonder. Upload your photo to the app and ask it to turn you into your favorite movie character, game character, or astronaut. The app creates your avatar in seconds.

Download Voi AI avatar app by wonder iOS

In this blog post, we have listed the most advanced artificial intelligence profile photo creation apps. Each app has a different function. You can download and use the apps on your iOS device.


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