What does sos mean on iPhone? (SOS)

The "SOS" include on an iPhone is a fast and simple method for calling for crisis help. At the point when enacted, the component naturally calls crisis administrations (like 911 in the US) and makes an impression on your crisis contacts with your area data.

To actuate the SOS include on an iPhone, you can press and hold the side button (otherwise called the power button) and both of the volume buttons. Following a couple of moments, a commencement will start, and the telephone will consequently call crisis benefits and make an impression on your crisis contacts with your area data.

On the other hand, you can likewise actuate the SOS highlight by going to the "Crisis SOS" settings in the iPhone's settings menu. You can set up your crisis contacts there and furthermore set up Auto Call which permits you to settle on a crisis decision by rapidly squeezing the side button multiple times in succession.

It's vital to take note of that the SOS include is intended for crisis circumstances just, and ought not be utilized for non-crisis purposes. Abuse of the element can create setbacks for the individuals who really need crisis help.

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