iPhone 15 comes out: Pro models will come with huge cameras!

According to information shared on Weibo and based on internal sources, the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will have a larger camera sensor than the current model, the iPhone 14 Pro.

While the world is still looking for September to get Apple's iPhone 15 series, information about the next year's model iPhone 16 continues to be revealed. The iPhone 16, which will be introduced in September 2024 if Apple's calendar remains the same, has come up with the cameras that the Pro series will have this time.

On Weibo, China's social media, a user shared some information about the Pro series' camera, claiming that it obtained information from internal sources. Accordingly, the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models will have much larger sensors.In the past days, it was shared that the iPhone 16 Pro series will have a larger screen than today's Pro models. The new information actually proves this claim, pointing out that the gap opened in the device will be filled with larger sensors.

According to the user's claim, the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will house 12% more large main camera sensors compared to the iPhone 14 models. The devices will also bring a periscope camera to iPhones, in line with what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously shared.

With the growth of the main camera sensor, the dynamic range of the iPhone camera and the light captured by the sensor will also increase. This increase will show its advantage, especially in photos taken in low-light environments.

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