iOS 17 Released Today: Which iPhones Will Get It, What Are the New Features?

iOS 17, introduced at WWDC 2023, will be available for use later today. So, which iPhone models will be compatible with this operating system, and what are its new features?

Apple, the U.S.-based tech giant, unveiled its brand new products at the Wonderlust event last week. In this context, we had the opportunity to meet the iPhone 15 series and the new Apple Watches. During that event, the company also announced the release date for the long-awaited new operating system, iOS 17, which brings a lot of innovations to iPhones and will be available for users later today.

So, which iPhone models will be able to use iOS 17? What features will Apple's new operating system come with? Let's take a closer look at all the details related to iOS 17 together.

Person posters" are coming to search

Apple announced a major change to searches. Now, you can add customized photos of the people in your contacts to the app. Additionally, you'll be able to change the text as you like. For example, you can place the name of the caller on the back of their head in the photo. We can liken this to adjustable wallpapers on the lock screen.

Voice messages can be converted to text

Apple also announced that in voice messages, what the caller is saying can be displayed as text.

Leaving voice messages on FaceTime

Now, in the FaceTime app, callers can leave video messages when they can't reach the person they're calling.

Big changes are coming to messages

Apple introduced a feature that allows you to directly access unread messages, just like in WhatsApp. You'll be able to go to unread messages with a single touch. Furthermore, you'll be able to share your location online during messaging. You can also find out where your loved ones are by receiving notifications with the "Check-in" feature.

Messages can be replied to in iMessage

One notable feature in iMessage will be message reply. Users can swipe right on a received message and reply, similar to WhatsApp.

You'll be able to turn Live Photos into stickers

With a plus button that will appear in messages, replacing the camera section, you'll be able to turn any of your photos into stickers.

NameDrop allows sharing contacts via AirDrop

The feature called NameDrop will now allow sharing contacts by holding phones next to each other via AirDrop. Additionally, this feature can be performed through the Apple Watch.

Auto-correct is also getting an upgrade

The auto-correct feature in iOS is also being improved, with better predictions coming as well.

A brand new "Journal" app:

Apple introduced a new app called "Journal" with iOS 17. Users will be able to add location, contacts, photos, and much more to this app. For example, you can add memories from a day when you visit a place to your journal.

"Hey Siri" command is changing!

Apple's virtual assistant has so far been activated with the "Hey Siri" command. With the update that comes with iOS 17, the "Hey" trigger is eliminated, and it will be enough to simply say "Siri" to use Siri after the update.

Your iPhone becomes a smart screen

With iOS 17, iPhones will function as smart screens. The StandBy feature will be used when the phone is locked horizontally. The screen will display many things like widgets when the phone is locked.

Apple Maps can be used offline

Apple is also improving its Maps service. Users will now be able to download specific map sections to their smartphones. This feature can be used for functions like finding location and calculating arrival time when the phone is not connected to the internet.

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