iPhone SE 4 will adopt two important features of iPhone 15 Pro

A few weeks ago, Apple released the iPhone 15 series at its event. However, people were afraid when they looked at the price tag. But there have been developments that will reassure Apple enthusiasts. With the latest news, rumors have surfaced about the iPhone SE 4 model, which is expected to be budget-friendly.

Apple introduced the last iPhone SE 3 model in 2022. That's why many people are expecting a new SE model. However, there hasn't been much progress on the iPhone SE 4 model for a long time. But now this spell seems to be broken.

The rumors suggest that the iPhone SE 4 model will mostly have a design based on the iPhone 14. Additionally, it is said to adopt two significant features from the iPhone 15 Pro: USB-C connection and the action button.

Moreover, it is believed that the device will feature a single 48-megapixel rear camera. Among the rumors, it's also speculated that the new iPhone SE model will come with an OLED screen instead of an LCD panel. Furthermore, it's suggested that the device will introduce Face ID instead of Touch ID, marking a first for the SE series.

All these details about the new model shed light on some of the anticipated features. However, it's important to note that these pieces of information are not official and are just rumors.

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