Apple May Postpone the Promotion of iPhone 9s by the Corona Virus

According to rumors, Apple has delayed the event it plans to introduce the budget-friendly smartphone iPhone 9. The promotional event was planned to take place in the Santa Clara region of the USA on March 31, but the state to which the region is affiliated decided to ban collective events due to the Corona virus outbreak. After the decision, Apple also had to postpone its event.

Although this decision taken by the state is one of the biggest reasons for the delay, it is not the only factor. As you know, Apple's production activities in China were also disrupted by the corona virus, which is thought to have a major role in delaying.

In addition to postponing the introduction of the iPhone 9, Apple may have to postpone the introduction of the iPhone 12. The U.S. company was unveiling its normally flagship iPhones in September. Apple executives went to China at this time of the year to run the final tests on the phone and finalized it before the phone went into mass production. However, at the moment, administrators cannot go to the country because entry to China is banned due to the Corona virus, and this ban is expected to continue until at least April. For this reason, there may be a considerable delay in the production time schedule of the iPhones. This means that the promotion activity of the iPhone 12 with 5G feature may not be held on the scheduled date.

The technology giant initially hoped that 2020 would be a big year for its devices. Achieving a noticeable success with the iPhone 11, the company aimed to increase its sales by introducing the iPhone 9, which was the mid-end phone this month, and then introducing the first 5G iPhone, the iPhone 12. However, as the promotional activities are delayed at the moment and the disruption of production in China, the market conditions become even more suspicious. At this point, Foxconn, one of Apple's most important production partners, said that they offered an additional fee to return employees to factories. Although the measures have been reduced further in China, employees have not yet been able to overcome the fear of the Corona virus.

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