Dropbox beta for Mac can finally sync your desktop

Dropbox has been less alluring to some Mac users than iCloud in part because of its limited syncing. Where Apple’s service can sync your desktop and Documents folder, you’ve had to be content with syncing a special folder with Dropbox’s service.

You might have reason to give it a second look in the near future, though. The 9to5Mac team has discovered that the latest Dropbox beta for Mac (sadly, not easy to grab) has the option of syncing your desktop, Documents and Downloads.

The move comes just weeks after Dropbox reworked its core sync engine to make it easier to maintain and improve reliability.

Like with iCloud, this only really makes sense if you subscribe to one of Dropbox’s paid tiers (2GB is woefully inadequate). Even so, it could be very helpful if you want cloud storage that serves more as a seamless backup for common files than a place to upload specific files.

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