Google Podcasts Published for iOS

Oogle Podcasts debuted in the App Store almost two years after its debut with its app full of brand new features launched immediately after the Android update. What's more, Google has redesigned the app to make it easier for you to discover new podcasts.

The app is based on three main tabs: The Home tab with the podcasts you subscribe to, the Discover tab, where you can get popular podcast recommendations recommended by curators, and more about your listening history Activity tab where you can get automatic downloads.

Also, with the Explore tab, the audience is the audience; Browse popular records in various categories, including sports, news, comedy and more. New episodes of shows can be downloaded automatically when they are released. In addition, when the new section arrives, the user is notified by notification. These are, of course, critical features that other applications have been offering for years.

Users will be able to sync listening activities on platforms with Google Podcasts. So you can resume a podcast where you listen to your PC, then pick up where you left off on another device. Although iOS users can already use Google Podcasts on the web, having an app means you can download podcasts when they prefer and listen without the need for a data connection.

The Android version of the redesigned app will be available later this week. Engadget reports that Google Podcasts will be available in the App Store for iOS devices, but the app doesn't appear on the platform yet.

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