Apple To Release Augmented Reality Watch in 2022

US-based tech giant Apple plans to expand its product range further with augmented reality goggles. Apple could introduce a smart augmented reality watch in 2022, according to new information.

Apple, one of the giants of the tech world, has been known for some time working on smart augmented reality goggles. Apple will release this glasses in 2022, according to a new report. According to sources within the industry, the Taiwanese manufacturer has already begun to accelerate the production of optical components of the glasses.

And according to some of the information that has emerged, apple's only hardware is not virtual reality goggles it is working on. The US-based tech giant is also working on virtual reality headsets.

Apple will launch the title of augmented reality, virtual reality combination title in 2022, The Information reported. In 2023, this title can follow a pair of smart augmented reality goggles. Mark Gurman, then of Bloomberg, confirmed the information and even said the title could even come out in 2021.
Although there is no very clear information about the glasses at this time, it is said to resemble oculus quest with its high-resolution display and lightweight design that allows it to be comfortably installed. Apple is expected to be able to contact developers in early 2021 to gather support for the new device.

The company is expected to work on smart augmented reality goggles designed to be worn all day after this title. The design of the glasses is said to be very similar to the glasses that already exist, but will have thicker frames due to the augmented reality technology it will contain.

Of course, let us also remind you that these dates mentioned in the news are not yet exact dates. These dates can be shifted to more advanced dates, especially due to the negative impact of Koronavirus in the economy and technology companies.

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