Google Prepares to Release Movies on the Play Store for Free

Google is preparing to release hundreds of movies in Play Movies for advertising, but for free. This information was discovered by XDA in lines of code in V4.18.37 version of Play Movies.

The coronavirus, which has had major effects around the world, has caused billions of people to close their homes. Such a large-scale quarantine causes people to socialize over the internet. Firms are also announcing new features to please people bored at home. Finally, Google is preparing to release paid movies on Play Movies for free.

Google will release hundreds of its films in Play Movies for free, but there is also one downside, although the company does not charge any fees from these films, it will bring it together to the audience for advertising. Although there is no official announcement yet by Google, XDA has discovered a series of code that implies that play movies will switch to an advertising movie system in the V4.18.37 release.

Google's move can make viewers happy during this period when many people turn to platforms such as Netflix and Blu TV to spend time. Of course, it is not known at this time whether Google will open this service exclusively to the United States. The covid-19 outbreak seems to keep people home for longer. Companies such as Netflix, Apple and Google continue to make new decisions to entertain people staying at home.

The implementation of the worldwide quarantine process brings with it an unprecedented internet density. In particular, the European region has asked platforms such as Netflix and YouTube to reduce their broadcasting quality to avoid problems on the internet. Too many people use the internet at the same time, leading to many more problems in the coming period.

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