Volkswagen Transforms 1960s Cult Bus Model into Electric Vehicle

Volkswagen, one of the brands that built its future on electric vehicles, redesigned the iconic bus model T1 Samba, which marked the 1960s, in accordance with today's trends. The cult vehicle, which is fully electric, still has a very retro look.

The 1966 T1 Samba, or e-BULLI, produced at Volkswagen's factory in Hanover, can go 200 kilometers with a single charge with a 45 kWh lithium ion battery. The charging port of the electric bus is positioned just behind the plate on the bumper.

The wooden floor used inside the cult bus added a modern air to the vehicle. E-BULLI, which can host eight people at the same time, also has a small digital display that provides information about the range. The electric bus comes with Bluetooth and USB connectivity support and works integrated with the Volkswagen mobile app.

Looking very impressive with its foldable panoramic ceiling, the Volkswagen e-BULLI offers a vehicle look blending modern and classic elements. The German brand, which heralded the 1966 T1 Samba-inspired electric bus concept, would turn into a mass production model, set a price tag of 64,900 euros for e-BULLI. It is not yet clear when the bus will be on the road.

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