YouTube Music App Features To View Lyrics

With the new update to the YouTube Music app, users can now view lyrics in different languages instantly.

YouTube also announced that it is working to bring songwriter support to the web version.
A new update has been released that brings lyrics support to The Android and iOS versions of YouTube Music. Users can now view lyrics in the app while listening to music on their mobile devices.

When listening to music, it is possible to open the lyrics by tapping the "i" button on the left side of the player screen. The lyrics appear at the bottom of the music screen. Unfortunately, the app is unable to show lyrics, especially for new songs.

Apple Music and Spotify can also show lyrics in sync with music in some songs. But on YouTube Music, the lyrics are still on display. So if you want to follow the lyrics while listening to the song, you need to scroll down the screen manually.

YouTube noted that the lyrics are updated daily through LyricFind, but did not share a timeline on how long it would take for lyrics to arrive for unsupported songs. The lyrics are not currently supported in the web version of YouTube Music, but YouTube says it is actively working on this feature.

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