Best New iPhone SE 2020 Cases

New iPhone SE 2020 has just gone on pre-sale and is available from Friday, April 24. It may be the most affordable iPhone ever – it starts at $399 with 64GB of storage, four times the original iPhone SE, and has the fastest ever iPhone processor in it

Apple says its phones keep their resale value better than any other smartphones. So investing in a case is good for the long-term as well. Here are some of the best cases on sale right now.

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Mous Limitless 2.0
$44.99 from Mous

Mous is a brilliant company that has developed its own protective system, called AiroShock. It means you could drop your iPhone and it’ll survive just fine. Mous has done successful tests from exceptional heights. It comes with a range of materials on the back, including black leather, walunut, bamboo, aramid fiber and even shell. Yes, shell - that’s the one at the top of this post. Subtly contoured ridges are raised on the top and bottom edges so it’s safe even if you drop it face-down and because the edges are raised at the top and bottom, lower at the sides, it doesn’t impede swiping your finger from one edge to the other. You know that sim card tray removal tool that comes with every iPhone? The one you lose instantly and have to use a paper clip for instead? There’s a thoughtfully placed slot inside the case to store it in, and another for a spare sim card.

The company has recently branched out into other accessories including a Flexline USB-A to Lightning cable which won’t fray or break – its carbon fibre braid is strong enough to pull a car, Mous says. It’s $29.99, here.

More cases are coming, including the Clarity Lite, which is is the company’s first entirely transparent case and it uses clear polycarbonate, the kind used in riot shields, in its frame. It’ll be available here.

Apple iPhone SE Leather Case
$45 from Apple

Apple’s leather cases are excellent, from the dimpled Apple logo which wears over time so it feels different, to the opulent smooth feel. The leather ages nicely as time passes, too. The cases fit perfectly, of course, and stay resilient and effective throughout their life. A tiny lip at the sides that eases round to the front is almost unnoticeable, but enough to keep the phone safe even if you place it face down on the table, for instance. The back of the case is raised enough to protect the camera lens, too. Choose from midnight blue, black and (PRODUCT)RED colors.

Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet
$34.99 from Snakehive

Snakehive’s high-end accessories are keenly priced and include vintage-looking iPhone folio cases. Choose from a lush Moss Green, an adorable Honey Gold or more demure two-tone finishes, made from nubuck leather. There’s room for three cards and banknotes in the front cover so it can replace your wallet easily enough. It closes magnetically (though this is not a Smart Cover, it doesn’t turn the display off) and the leather feels supple and tactile while still being robust. One more thing, it can be set so your phone is angled perfectly for watching video playback on board.

Apple Silicone Case
$35 from Apple

Colors: white, black and pink sand.

The silicone case feels great and doesn’t slip easily from your fingers, which is a bonus. Like the Apple leather case, there’s a soft microfiber lining so your iPhone stays in pristine condition inside the case. The button coverings are the perfect fit so they respond with about the same pressure as if there was no case attached: not all cases offer this exactness. More colors would be nice, but the pink sand is pretty cute, at least.

Lucrin Sleeve
From $69 from Lucrin

Personally, my favorite kind of case is still the sleeve. Your iPhone is tucked safely inside until you want to use it and then you can slide it out so you can feel the iPhone exactly as it was designed to feel. Lucrin makes the widest range of sleeves, wallets and pouches, all exceptional quality and in a seemingly endless selection of colors, leather finishes and so on. There are sleeves with pull tabs or a gap at the bottom, both designed so you can eject the phone quicker. You can also customize the cases further with your initials or contrasting threads. You can even remove the Lucrin logo if you prefer. Not cheap, but completely gorgeous to look at and hold.

Tech 21 Studio Colour
$14.98 from Tech21

Tech 21 makes a big range of fantastic-looking phone cases, with very good impact protection thanks to ridged shapes on the inside of the case edges, while still keeping it slim and lightweight. As well as protection from an eight-foot drop, there’s also antimicrobial protection thanks to antibacterial materials which seem especially valuable just now. The idea is that the case is able to get rid of microbes so you don’t have to worry about that, at least. The case is almost a third made of plant-based materials and future cases will be designed to be compostable.

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