Just Cause 4 is completely free on Epic Games!

Just Cause 4 is free at the Epic Games Store around 6pm today, I suggest you add it to your library, but I can say it's the most ridiculous Just Cause game, but this is just for me, so you might be thinking differently.

Weekly Epic Games offers some games for free to give the public the opportunity to enjoy titles from different categories without spending anything out of pocket, being a good option for those who are looking to try a particular game that is almost never seen on sale in online stores.

There are 7 calendar days to download, install and play on your computer, whether with friends, for those who have multiplayer mode or alone, but always having good alternatives in hand to keep the gameplay clinking in this quarantine period.

And on the 16th the producer is offering two free options, which are in completely different categories, but promise to provide fun in these days of social isolation.

In this third week of April, the titles chosen by Epic Games to be part of this double free alternative were Just Cause 4 and Wheels of Aurelia, allowing for a pleasant economy together with gameplay involving adventure or a more indie environment, which also pleases a good part of the public.

Download Just Cause 4 Reloaded - Just Cause 4 Standard Edition

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