How to Fix #images Not Working on iPhone

#images not working after iOS 10.3.2 upgrade You can search for hundreds of GIFs available using a specific keyword and add it to your messages. It is also possible to save any GIF that you received in a conversation. The #images GIFs will only be displayed in the Messages app and not anywhere else on your iPhone.

But with iOS 11, people have started reporting that their #images not working and their searches are either returning empty, or they can’t find the #images altogether in store. More and more iPhone users have been reporting about this problem and there doesn’t seem to be any definite cause behind this error.

Though before you start scratching your head for a possible solution, know that this feature is only available in selected countries. So, you can’t access #images on iOS 11 if you are living outside these territories, which means you won’t be able to use #images. But if your country supports #images and you still can’t use it, then, in this article, we will tell you some useful tips to fix #images could not load results problem.

 How to Fix #images Not working iOS 11

In this part, we will discuss best fixes to solve #images not working error in iOS 11/10. Applied to all iPhone models, including the new iPhone.

1: Change the Region Settings

As we know that #images is the country-specific feature offered by Apple Inc. Maybe the region setting is not correct that leads to this problem. If you are in the supported country then, try to change the region to your country otherwise, choose the US as a region.

2: Re-add the #images

· You have to open the Messages by tapping on its icon.

· On Messages interface, open the app drawer and tap on “+” icon.

· After that, choose Manage. Remove the #images and re-add it.

Tip 3: Use GIPHY 

 If error #images could not load results still persists then, follow this method. You can download GIPHY app from Apple App Store and activate it in manage section. This may fix the #images not working on iPhone problem. You can use GIPHY to search for exact content in the same format as #images.

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