NBA 2K20: How to Win Free Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan Packs

The new NBA 2K20 content continues to roll out during the COVID-19 pandemic. The gaming industry is booming during this time as people turn to gaming even more than normal to find entertainment while they’re at home.

2K has delivered on a consistent basis and a good amount of the new content associated with the MyTeam mode has been free. The latest content release/offer comes in the form of a new locker code.

The New Campus Leap Resolutions Locker Code

Head over to the MyTeam tab from the main menu.

Once you’re loaded into the mode. Scroll over to the Extras tab, and then to the Locker Codes tab. Select the tab and enter the code below, with the dashes included.

You don’t need to capitalize the letters.

What’s in the Campus Legends Pack?

The following cards are all a part of the Campus Legends pack that was originally released in March. The most valuable card in the series is the Galaxy Opal Magic Johnson card. At 6’9″ with A, A-, or A+ ratings in almost every category, this card is without weakness.

Carmelo Anthony cards are always deadly, and this one has magnificent attributes.  Those specifics are augmented by Melo’s favorable animations. Also, the Ralph Sampson Pink Diamond is made even more effective because he’s 7’4.” From a big man’s perspective, he can do just about everything you’d want from a center.

The budget gems in the pack are the Diamond Danny Manning and the Amethyst Eric Paschall. Both can play above their gem level.

If you collect every card in the set, you’ll get the Galaxy Opal Karl-Anthony Towns, which is a dynamic and versatile big who can drain threes like a guard, though his shot motion is a little tough to master.

What’s in the Leap Year Packs?

The Leap Year set is the best of the bunch. It was released in February and it not only contains a Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan card with near max ratings across the board, but it also has a GO Derrick Rose and Vince Carter. The Pink Diamonds are almost as strong with a Paul George that can play power forward and a Rudy Gay.

If you’re looking for the budget options and have some time to evolve a card, the Sapphire Nate Robinson and Amethyst Tom Chambers become pretty useful at the top ends of their Evo charts.

If you can collect all of the cards in this series, you’ll get the GO Dwight Howard, who can bomb away from three-point range along with being capable of defending and finishing at the rim like a madman.

What’s in the New Year Resolutions Pack?

While the New Year’s Resolutions series is the oldest, there are still some strong cards. All of the cards have evolution options and most of them offer quick turnarounds. The Pink Diamond Gilbert Arenas and Bob Pettit are the most coveted gems.

The Diamond DeMar DeRozan and Rajon Rondo are also great and fairly easy cards to evolve to Pink Diamonds. If you collect all 12 of these cards, you get the Pink Diamond Bill Russell.

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