Restart the iPhone SE (2nd Generation)

in a departure from Apple's newer iPhone models with Face ID technology, the 2020 iPhone SE goes back to the old days where the Home button ruled, and Touch ID was the biometrics method. But if you've never owned an older iPhone with a Home button, something as simple as shutting down and restarting the iPhone SE could elude you.

Whether you're a veteran iOS user or completely new to the ecosystem, you might be surprised to learn that there are multiple ways to shut down and restart an iPhone, and those all apply to the iPhone SE too. These methods range from the standard functions to exciting and downright futuristic ways to reboot.

Shutting Down the iPhone SE (2nd Generation)

There are four ways to power off the new iPhone SE in case you're in a movie theater, class, or other area or event where the iPhone should be completely off rather than just silenced.

Shut Down Using the Side Button

The classic and most user-friendly way to power off the iPhone SE (2nd generation) is to press-and-hold the Side button until the "slide to power off" screen appears. Then, swipe the slider to shut down. If you've used an iPhone with Face ID before, you'll know that long-pressing the Side button only prompts Siri, but the new iPhone SE works the same as the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8 do.

Shut Down Faster Using a Button Combo

The above method takes about four seconds for the "slide to power off" slider to appear, but there's a unique button combination that will make it show up in just half that time. And there are a few different button combos that'll do the trick:

  • Press-and-hold the Side button + Volume Up button
  • Press-and-hold the Side button + Volume Down button
  • Press-and-hold the Side button + Volume Up button + Volume Down button

Performing any of those button combos will bring up the Emergency SOS screen, which also houses the "slide to power off" slider. From there, just slide the switch to shut the iPhone SE down.

Shut Down from the Settings Menu

If you're 2020 iPhone SE's Side button ever acts up, there's a software feature to power off that you could use. Open the Settings app, head to "General," then tap "Shut Down" at the bottom of the page. The "slide to power off" slider will appear; just swipe that to shut the device down.

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