Epic Games released Unreal Engine 5's demo running on PlayStation 5 Video

Epic Games today announced Unreal Engine 5. Thus, long-awaited players have had their first idea of what graphics will look like in the next generation of hardware. The first game footage of Microsoft's Xbox Series X was not impressive by players, but the reactions were not the same for the first time games on new hardware were available. Epic Games released a nine-minute demo running on PlayStation 5, offering the first real clues about what video game graphics will look like in the future.

The protagonist of the published fashion game discovers a cave and leaves it thanks to a mountain pass that he finds shattering the ruins around him. Epic Games designed the shared demo to showcase Nanite and Lumen, two new features of Unreal Engine 5. The company said Nanite allows realism by allowing game designers to create large amounts of polygons on the screen. Lumen is reportedly a new lighting engine that gives light and fills the space, similar to NVIDIA's RTX technology.

In fashion, two new technologies introduced create a beautiful scene with complex textures, animation and lighting. Epic Games introduces Unreal Engine 5, along with these new technologies, to developers to save time in the design process. According to Epic Games, Unreal Engine 5 comes with a range of tools that allow developers to deal with craftsmanship and animation less. The demo doesn't show the developer version of the software, although it looks great, and it's hard to say whether the audience that designed the video game will like it.

Here's the video released by Epic Games:

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